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Business Networking. Anywhere. Anytime.


"A platform for connecting businesses without worrying about privacy issues."


"Supporting businesses to grow by helping them to connect with people, boosting business presence, facilitate private communication and transfer values with the help of blockchain technology."

The Slothee Platform

Slothee is a modern business networking platform aimed at connecting people with like-minded, insightful business professionals and veterans across all fields. It is disheartening to hear about data breaches, privacy issues and user tracking in current social networking applications which makes it hard to be relied upon by business professionals.


Slothee helps you to connect and grow your network that is mutually beneficial, deeper and long lasting.

Whisper V6

Power of blockchain helps our users to be confident that their private chat data is truly private.


Intuitive user interface enables an average Slotheeuser to close a deal easily and to sell or buy using major cryptocurrencies.

Founding Team


Praveen Kallipatti

With a deep expertise in building products and solutions, Praveen has turned ideas into reality like EdisonPlan. Attention to details & minimalist approach make his products world class. Praveen is an Engineer by qualification and started off as a full stack developer and designer.

Investor Relations

Bhavadharani Karunakaran

Entrepreneur and Investor with a decade long experience in Finance, Investments and M&A.; Professionally qualified as Chartered Accountant, Bhavadharani has worked with companies of all sizes from startups to MNCs and has always built profound long lasting and trustworthy relationships.



Gopal Marthandam

A complex problem solver and an ardent coder who has deep dived into the blockchain technology having worked with before he joined. He is committed to revolutionize the world through blockchain.


Basak Gaziler

Truly a People person, Basak is a passionate film producer and a marketing professional. The Cannes nominated short film producer delivers her best in anything she touches upon.


Mohan Rajendiran

A technologist who has served major corporations including Mircrosoft with hands on experience in building mobile and web app across Android, iOS and Windows platform. Mohan is the inspiring leader who drives the technology workforce at Slothee.

PR & Media

Nina Kereselidze

Great story teller with persuasive prowess, Nino has handled the PR & media activities of various events. She is working full-on with a commitment to make Slothee her biggest success.

Our Advisors

Nozomu Nakazato
Business Advisor

Maura Bărbulescu
Marketing Advisor

Sanem Avcil
Blockchain Advisor

Dolly Deval
Public Relations Advisor

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What we went through last year

Q1 2018


Improving on Edisonplan's vision of "entrepreneurship possible for all" ( Praveen starts working on the new idea.



Understands a need for a platform exclusively for the sales tribe and develops "Billboard".



Adds "Cafe", "Private Lobby" and "Network" features to Alpha cut and seals the Beta version.



Upgrading the Beta to a working platform across all mobile devices. Hits a bottleneck on data security.


What's happening this year

Q1 2019


Worked on the data bottleneck and decided to solve it through the power of blockchain and bitcoin superstar platform .


Token Sale

Going for 15 days Pre-sale during May 2019 and 45 days Crowdsale after that.


Market Fit

Develop a product that can be market fit. Product to adopt Whisper v6 or higher version and become a DApp.



Identify, target and acquire users from "Beachhead" market segment. For see, business networking professionals in the West Coast as the Beachhead segment


What's cooking next year

Q1 2020


Achieving a respectful mass through active user acquisition strategies of Event partnerships and Online campaigns


First Revenue

First revenue from "Business Premium" account activation expected during the second quarter.



Frugally use the Token proceeds to increase the customer acquisition and hit a significant mass within the third quarter.


M&A; Deal

All set for shopping synergistic heavy ventures that will increase Slothee's revenue, profitability and valuation.

Funding Milestones

Money from this ICO will be spent based on the fund rasing milestones on kickico. The amount raised will affect the speed at which the venture can scale across markets. The company believes the ICO can accelerate both its USA and global rollout. The table aside illustrates approximately the scale that could be achieved at various funding levels.

$4 Million

Upgrading the Beta to a full-fledged working platform across all mobile devices

$9 Million

Organic customer acquisition in US, Russia, and UK with setting up customer outreach offices in each of the geography

$13 Million

Scale up organic customer acquisition in Europe, Canada, Australia, India, Middle East and South East

$19 Million

Using M&As; to inorganically grow revenue, profitability, and valuation

Reasons to buy SLO tokens

Slothee is a modern business networking platform aimed at connecting people with like-minded, insightful business professionals and veterans across all fields.

  • Token plays vital role in fueling business model
  • Networking industry grows at breakneck speed
  • MVP available on iOS & Android
  • Quartely "Buyback and Burn" program
  • Proven team with excellent track record
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2019.05.10 09:00 (UTC+5.30) - 2019.06.23 18:00 (UTC+5.30)

SLOTHEE, the social network and social trading with cryptocurrency

Introducing SLOTHEE, a wholly unique and futuristic way of how sales community communicates.

Bonus upto to 20%

HARDCAP: $19,000,000 TOTAL SLO FOR SALE: 280,000,000

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